A major concern for all businesses -small or large – is the struggle to deal with the volatile market dynamics of demand and supply and the changing nature of the business requirements. These create an increased demand for a flexible, agile and on-demand workforce that are not needed to be hired on a full-time or permanent basis with the organization. In addition, the increased government compliances further put excess regulatory and administrative burden on organizations.

In such a situation, temporary staffing solutions come as a great boon to the business and serve to mitigate these issues by providing organizations with an on-demand workforce. On the other hand, payroll outsourcing help off-load companies from the regulatory and compliances, helping them keep to their core focus areas.

Keeping these forces-at-play in mind, Crowning Consulting has established itself as a one-stop shop for all your staffing and human capital needs.

From head hunting to human resource management consulting to payroll solutions, Crowning Consulting with its dedicated teams of professionals helps clients to keep their focus on their core business objectives and goals through our core offerings across staffing and payroll consulting.

While our staffing solutions work with sole focus on executive search and selection at all levels of functional and leadership roles, based on the specific and dynamically changing needs of each client and within a minimal turnaround time; our payroll consulting solutions include preparation & disbursement of salaries to our clients’ employees and covering other aspects related to PF, taxation, ESIC, etc.

Partner with us to gain access to world-class staffing and human resource solutions that can help you take your business to the next level without the associated costs of bringing new talent on-board.

Staffing Solutions

Crowning Consulting specializes in flexible staffing solutions that help companies leverage our existing network of skill-base across levels and functions and thus build their human capital without engaging them full-time or in a permanent capacity.

We, thus, enable our customers to enjoy unparalleled access to talent with the flexibility to adjust their workforce based on the cyclical fluctuations in their workforce requirements based on project criticalities.

As part of our temporary staffing services we provide:

  • Contract resources
  • Contract-to-hire resources
  • Direct placement solutions
  • Project-based volume staffing

Partnering with us helps you rapidly upscale or downscale your teams based on your business requirements, and frees you of all the hassles of dealing with a permanent workforce, especially during down-times.

With Crowning Consulting’s Temporary Staffing, get unparalleled benefits!

Sectors & Industries

Crowning Consulting caters to the human capital and payroll management requirements for organizations across multiple sectors and industries. Our teams have served a varied industry base spanning:

  • Software & Information technology
  • Financial Services
  • Shared Services, Business & Analytics
  • Professional Services & Consulting
  • FMCG & Retail
  • Heavy Engineering
  • Electronics
  • ITeS & KPOs
  • Automotive components
  • Power & Energy

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